Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter and Mobile App are expanding newsgathering capabilities at Barrington and Time Warner television stations across the country.

Waterloo, ON, Canada - August 16, 2012

Dejero, creator of the award-winning, patented LIVE+ bonded wireless video transmission solutions, announces that both Barrington Broadcasting Group and Time Warner Cable News have selected the Dejero LIVE+ Platform of cellular newsgathering products for several of its cable channels.

"With tens of thousands of Americans watching news on any of Barrington's stations each day, it is imperative that we deliver only the highest-quality video to our viewers," said Keith Bland, Senior Vice President Technical Operations for Barrington Broadcasting Group. "After evaluating several different technologies, we selected Dejero due to the high reliability, portability, short time-to-air, and outstanding picture quality of their products. Dejero's LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter and iPhone/iPad App have become important tools in Barrington's newsgathering arsenal by enabling us to be first on the scene for breaking news across our many markets."

"Time Warner Cable News and Barrington Broadcasting are further examples of broadcasters who have chosen to integrate Dejero's LIVE+ Platform of products into their news workflow," said Joe Middelburg, Vice President of Sales for Dejero. "Our technology provides stations with tremendous mobility and flexibility for their newsgathering operations. This in turn results in the more cost-effective acquisition of live and recorded video content. Dejero is thrilled to be working closely with Time Warner and Barrington during the ongoing roll-out of our 20/20 Transmitter and Mobile App products across the country."

Dejero's flagship product, the LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, enables broadcasters to transmit high-quality live HD or SD video with very low latency through multiple bonded LTE/4G/3G/Wifi connections - all of this at a fraction of the cost and without the complexity of satellite or microwave trucks. Easy to operate, and with a start-up time of less than 30 seconds, this next generation wireless live video transmission device packs incredible broadcast performance into a small, weather-resistant, ruggedized briefcase.

An industry first, the newly launched LIVE+ Mobile App integrates into a traditional or online broadcaster's existing workflow with ease and is capable of bonding multiple wireless signals to provide high-quality live video from a consumer device. The LIVE+ Mobile App can transmit live video using both the front and back cameras of an iPhone or iPad during a single broadcast, enabling a reporter to create a complete breaking news story without the need for a camera operator or extra equipment.

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