With the Ability to Both Transmit and Receive IP Video in a Single Unit, the New Solution Complements LIVE+ Multipoint Video Distribution Network for High-Quality, Low-Latency Content Exchanges

WATERLOO, Ontario — Nov. 9, 2015 — Dejero today announced the launch of the LIVE+ Transceiver, a combination encoder/decoder for IP video transport over Dejero’s LIVE+ platform. With the ability to accept IP inputs and feed IP outputs simultaneously in a single 1-RU chassis, the LIVE+ Transceiver can also be used to contribute and receive HD live content across Dejero’s new LIVE+ Multipoint IP video distribution network. The LIVE+ Transceiver is now shipping and available for purchase from Dejero resellers.

“With LIVE+ Multipoint, we’ve provided a scalable and cost-effective means of leveraging the public Internet to transport video across the globe quickly and seamlessly, while automatically maintaining the highest levels of video quality and lowest-possible latency,” said Brian Cram, CEO, Dejero. “The new LIVE+ Transceiver is a powerful addition to any LIVE+ Multipoint distribution environment as broadcast facilities can now use the transceiver as both a source and a destination to exchange high-quality live video, without the expense of a separate encoder and decoder.”

The cloud-based LIVE+ Multipoint video distribution network offers a reliable, low-latency alternative to traditional satellite links and dedicated fiber networks for day-to-day live content exchanges between stations and partner broadcasters. The network uses patent-pending functionality to support contribution from any Dejero video transmission source, including the LIVE+ Transceiver and Dejero’s full range of LIVE+ mobile transmitters. With a single LIVE+ Transceiver at each location, media organizations can simultaneously send content to the LIVE+ Multipoint network, while receiving content from other locations providing content to the network.

In a compact, 1-RU form factor, the rack-mountable LIVE+ Transceiver offers a dual power supply for redundancy and a robust IP-to-SDI converter with simple SDI in (BNC), SDI out (BNC), and RJ45 Ethernet connections. The broadcast-quality unit is extremely easy to use, and both transmitter and server functionality can be configured and controlled remotely via Dejero’s LIVE+ Control cloud-based management solution from a Web browser.

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