TSN, CP-24 and CHCH choose Dejero for live video updates

Waterloo, ON - January 7, 2011 - Dejero, creator of the award-winning 4G & 3G wireless live television transmission solution: the Dejero LIVE Platform, announced today that it was selected by television stations TSN, CP-24 and CHCH to provide live video updates during the gold medal game. The game delivered one of the largest television audiences in Canadian history, with an average of 6.88 million viewers watching. It was estimated that half of Canadians watched a portion or all of the game.

"Dejero was our only avenue to get stories and live hits back during the event," explains Marc Desjardins, Supervisor News Operations, CHCH, Hamilton, Ontario. "The day of the gold medal game we had three crews alternate between 5:00 am and 11:00 pm. The Dejero group provided transmitters equipped with American modems for broadcast from Buffalo, New York. We transmitted live directly to our studio in Canada. We probably were transmitting for more than 5 hours during that period, sending clips, background visuals and taped and live interviews. The Dejero platform allowed us to bring the atmosphere of the event to our viewers. Canada lost but the Dejero units were winners."

"The Gold Medal game was certainly exciting," said Dan Mance, CEO. "Dejero was honored to be chosen by TSN, CP-24 and CHCH to provide live content during such a highly watched television event."

The Dejero LIVE Platform uses a ground-breaking patent-pending wireless 4G & 3G suitcase-sized unit to broadcast live high-quality video without the high cost or complexity of satellite or microwave transmission.

About Dejero

Dejero is redefining live broadcasting through its portable Wireless ENG Platform. Broadcasters can now instantly transmit broadcast-quality live video through cellular networks without the cost or complexity of satellite/microwave trucks or the effort of implementing dedicated towers. Innovative engineering from wireless experts combined with input from experienced broadcasters have produced the Dejero Platform. The revolutionary Platform gives greater mobility, including access to locations such as airports, high security areas, rooftop events and can even broadcast from a moving vehicle. Dejero expands broadcast newsgathering capabilities

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