Product Overview

The industry leading professional-grade rugged transmitter for broadcasting HD or SD video over any combination of cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite.

  • Small, ruggedized briefcase design
  • Seamless interviews with audio talkback (IFB) support
  • Reliable, affordable, and high-quality video at the push of a button
  • Auto-adapts HD, SD, and encoding bitrate based on network conditions at startup

The Dejero LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter will instantly transmit broadcast-quality live video at a fraction of the cost and complexity of satellite and microwave trucks. Set up anywhere in seconds to broadcast live or transfer recorded video quickly from the field. You can broadcast live from areas that would have previously been impossible or off limits - inside airports and other high-security areas, in tall buildings and on rooftops, during inclement weather, and from moving vehicles – cars, boats, and motorcycles.

Related Products

20/20 Transmitter is part of the LIVE+ platform that simplifies the remote acquisition, cloud management, and multiscreen distribution of professional live video over IP.