• Dejero technology has increased the mobility of our news teams and enabled them to go live immediately."
    ― Ewerton Maciel
    Director of Technology, TV TEM
  • What really makes the product is simplicity, ease of use, and confidence that your content will get back to the station. Dejero more than delivers on all points.”
    ― Dale Cassidy
    Chief Engineer, KTBS 3
  • I love the app. I am usually in the newsroom, so whenever I see something happening and I am out and about, I can just hit the app and get video back to the station quickly.
    ― Steve Johnson
    Managing Editor, KFOR-TV
  • In our studio, Dejero Control enabled us to monitor every mobile device and gave us maximum flexibility for routing and distributing the feeds to multiple video outlets.”
    ― Georges Prats
    General Manager, Boulevard des Productions
  • Dejero transmitters enabled us to transmit video from places that would have been impossible with traditional methods.”
    ― Richard Sutcliffe
    Producer, Kinetic Media
  • Of all the solutions we evaluated, the Dejero Mobile App is by far the easiest to use and provides the best picture quality and cell bonding performance.”
    ― Quentin Guiné
    Operation Manager, BFM TV
  • We frequently take advantage of Dejero’s bonded wireless transmission capabilities to add breadth and immediacy to our news broadcasts.”
    ― Richard Pattison
    Deputy Head of News Technology, Sky News
  • Not only does the Dejero technology give our students invaluable experience, but it enables us to perform an important public service by broadcasting stories about rural communities and people that would otherwise go untold.”
    ― Mark Lodato
    Assistant Dean and News Director, ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Today, we very seldom have a news cycle in which we aren’t streaming important stories to air using one or more Dejero systems.”
    ― Tim Moushey
    News Operations Manager, WBNS-10TV
  • Because the systems are so compact and easy to use, we’ve been able to incorporate them in progressively smaller vehicles that give news crews even greater range and versatility when accessing breaking news scenes."
    ― Thomas P. Jennings
    President, Accelerated Media Technologies Inc.
  • The ability to stream live HD coverage to the Internet means we had an opportunity to share the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon with running communities all over the world. That kind of reach would have been difficult, if not impossible, with traditional television broadcasting.”
    ― Alan Brookes, Race Director
    Race Director, Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon
  • Dejero has put the TV truck in a box with the 20/20 Transmitter, which can be set up anywhere in seconds to broadcast live or recorded video from the field at a fraction of the cost of a truck.”
    ― Matt Hortobagyi
    Executive Producer, Endless Potential Media Group
  • With the Dejero mobile transmission technology, we were able to bring the marathon to the world very cost-effectively without sacrificing video quality."
    ― Alan Brookes
    Race Director, Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon
  • Dejero’s ability to hold together a transmission when on the fringes of reception really sets it apart from other solutions.”
    ― Glen Bathie
    Broadcast Control and Communications Supervisor, Network Ten
  • CTV’s live coverage of the Torch Relay for 100 days across 45,000 kilometers of Canada was a hugely popular introduction to the 2010 Winter Games. The innovative technology developed by Dejero will revolutionize how broadcasters cover live events.”
    ― Robert Hurst
    President, CTV News
  • Previously, we had to hire a satellite truck and do a significant amount of advanced planning in order to put a live, remote feed on the air. Not only was it costly, but it meant we could not always respond quickly to breaking news. Now our mobile crews can respond instantly the moment we hear of a news situation — they just grab the small briefcase-sized Dejero 20/20 Transmitter and a camcorder and go right to the scene.”
    ― Stephen Bates
    Studio Engineering Supervisor, NBN Television
  • With the Dejero transmitters, we were able to effectively double our newsgathering capabilities without the large capital investment of additional trucks. Plus, the systems are so easy to use that our students can get on location, set up quickly, and send back a great picture with virtually no assistance or training.”
    ― Stacey Woelfel
    Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Missouri and News Director, KOMU-TV
  • The Dejero Mobile App is a perfect example of how Lynn University is embracing emerging technologies and staying ahead of the curve to offer our students the best possible educational experience.”
    ― David Jaffe
    Dean, College of International Communication, Lynn University
  • We were able to broadcast from some really remote locations, and the signal quality was excellent. This technology really opens up a lot of creative possibilities that just aren’t possible with a truck. For instance, in Southampton we were able to go into the stadium and broadcast right from the pitch, where a truck would never be allowed.”
    ― Simon Burwood
    Camera Operator, Sky Sports News
  • We absolutely could not have staged 92Live [live reports from all 92 English Premier and Football League clubs in a single day] without state-of-the-art cellular bonding systems such as the Dejero 20/20 Transmitter. The 20/20 Transmitters gave us flexibility that we just would not have had with a truck; for instance, we could send a transmitter on the back of a motor bike."
    ― Ian Brash
    Technical Manager, Sky Sports News
  • Dejero’s Transmitters enable us to bring ‘you are there’ immediacy to breaking news for which microwave or satellite might not be practical.”
    ― Mathew Yelavich
    Chief Technology Officer, Channel Nine Australia
  • The Dejero Mobile App literally puts the power of an ENG truck in everyone’s pocket, exponentially expanding our editorial reach by giving more people the ability to contribute live and breaking stories.”
    ― Geoff Grant
    Director of Operations, CTV News Toronto
  • Dejero Systems increasingly enable Rogers to deploy news teams in unique, affordable and flexible ways. Dejero is a key component of our newsgathering operations.”
    ― Frank Bruno
    Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Rogers Media
  • Dejero's wireless transmission solutions provide an innovative method for field personnel to use the latest off-the-shelf smart phones and tablets to capture and transmit data back to their broadcast facilities.”
    ― Kerry Wheeles
    Product Marketing Director, Harris
  • We chose the Dejero LIVE+ Platform as an added asset for our newsgathering tool box. Our crews can go live quickly with streaming video if cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet networks are available.”
    ― Kal Hassan
    VP and Director of Engineering, WLS-TV
  • We transmitted live directly to our studio. We probably were transmitting for more than 5 hours during that period, sending clips, background visuals and taped and live interviews. The Dejero platform allowed us to bring the atmosphere of the [World Junior Hockey gold medal game] to our viewers. Canada lost but the Dejero units were winners."
    ― Marc Desjardins
    Supervisor News Operations, CHCH
  • The Dejero gear provides a powerful and cost-effective alternative that our news crews can carry right into the heart of the story."
    ― Armando Acevedo
    Director of Operations, Noticias MundoFOX
  • The ENG footage has added an eye-catching new dimension to our video programming, and for the first time we’re able to include remote live shots in our broadcasts. We use the Dejero 20/20 transmitter for every shoot that’s outside the studio.”
    ― Craig Berlin
    Director of Broadcast Communications, UNC Charlotte
  • After evaluating several different technologies, we selected Dejero due to the high reliability, portability, short time-to-air, and outstanding picture quality of their products.”
    ― Keith Bland
    Senior Vice President Technical Operations, Barrington Broadcasting Group
  • With Dejero we’ve been able to triple our live news coverage, and our microwave trucks are now second-tier resources. In the time it takes to get a truck to the site, park it, and get the mast up, we can already be receiving live video back at the station from the Dejero equipment.”
    ― Dale Cassidy
    Chief Engineer, KTBS 3
  • We were sold on Dejero because the company keeps improving on an already-great product. For us, the Dejero 20/20 Transmitter has become an indispensable tool for content collection."
    ― Aaron LaFontaine
    Director, Business Development, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
  • With the Dejero equipment, the quality of the HD signals from each camera and the backhaul to KRBK were nearly pristine. This production proves that a bonded cellular platform is not only much less expensive than a temporary satellite uplink for long-form live field productions, but is also just as reliable. Dejero enabled us to create the appearance of a million-dollar production on a budget that was much smaller.”
    ― Ned Soseman
    Lake Race 2013 Producer and Director, LAKETV
  • The Dejero Mobile App is very easy to use and enables us to broadcast live to our viewers without a news truck or extra equipment. Within minutes of downloading the Dejero App, we were bringing live video to our viewers from a reporter's cell phone.”
    ― Rick McClain
    Chief Engineer, CBS affiliate WDEF
  • One of the biggest challenges for a national network in Canada is the sheer vastness of the geography. But the instant the Dejero systems transmit coverage back to our newsroom, the gap is closed. The immediacy and quality of the transmissions, along with the portability, reliability, and efficiency of the Dejero transmitters, is proof positive that we made the right choice in newsgathering technology.”
    ― Wayne McKenzie
    Director of Operations, Aboriginal People’s Television Network
  • Budget is always a consideration for a university, and the Dejero equipment has given us the flexibility to capture high-quality HD video from any remote location without having to make a large capital outlay in satellite or microwave trucks.”
    ― Craig Berlin
    Director of Broadcast Communications, UNC Charlotte
  • With the Dejero Mobile App, our ENG crews have a powerful and reliable new tool to supplement our traditional satellite and microwave links for delivering high-quality live video.”
    ― Jonathan Kay
    Senior Director of News Production, CTV News/Bell Media
  • Reliable support is a huge factor for us, and the Dejero support team has been fantastic. Dejero has been a wonderful partner for us; we could not ask for better.”
    ― Dale Cassidy
    Chief Engineer, KTBS 3
  • We tested a number of different cellular newsgathering technologies at each of our stations and selected Dejero as the consensus frontrunner due to the high video quality, ease-of-use, and flexibility of their systems.”
    ― Dean Hinson
    President, Morris Network
  • The Dejero 20/20 Transmitters have not only brought more immediacy and excitement to our content but also have allowed us to expand our capabilities. We’re now able to record up to four hours of HD video every day from the scene of the action, whether it’s a sports arena or a practice facility, and do it much more cost-effectively than traditional means such as satellite uplinking."
    ― Aaron LaFontaine
    Director, Business Development, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
  • The Dejero platform integrates seamlessly into our broadcast workflow and gives us the ability to go live to air from many devices, including an iPhone.”
    ― Dean Hinson
    President, Morris Network
  • Dejero's 20/20 Transmitter and iPhone/iPad App have become important tools in Barrington's newsgathering arsenal by enabling us to be first on the scene for breaking news across our many markets.”
    ― Keith Bland
    Senior Vice President Technical Operations, Barrington Broadcasting Group
  • Technology like Dejero LIVE+ Platform allows non-broadcasters to enter a new game, live video streaming – a game that promises to reshape how people consume news online.”
    ― Gregory Bonnell
    Acting Director of Online News, The Canadian Press
  • The stable and reliable cellular bonding capabilities of the Dejero systems were the vital link in our ability to provide exclusive live coverage of World Youth Day. The alternative was to use satellite links, but the high costs of daily truck rental plus uplinking from South America would have severely limited our broadcast. Instead, we were able to offer at least 12 hours of high-quality HD video every day."
    ― Javier Capella
    Technical Operations Manager, Salt + Light Media Foundation
  • We have been very impressed with the Dejero 20/20 Transmitter’s ruggedness and portability.”
    ― Craig Berlin
    Director of Broadcast Communications, UNC Charlotte
  • The portability, reliability, affordability, around-the-clock support, and short time-to-air were all important factors in selecting Dejero to be an integral part of CTV's worldwide newsgathering system.”
    ― Jonathan Kay
    Senior Director of News Production, CTV News/Bell Media
  • Implementing Dejero's platform also provides Morris with significant cost savings over traditional transmission methods.”
    ― Dean Hinson
    President, Morris Network
  • We arrived on scene to cover a live event after a competitor, set up Dejero, shot and left before they had even run all their cables to their satellite truck. Dejero helped us live up to our leadership position ‘CP24-Toronto’s breaking news!’”
    ― Bob McLaughlin
    Vice President and General Manager, CP24