Broadcast and Media

Broadcast and Media

Transport video and data reliably from virtually anywhere to reach your global multi-screen audiences instantly and cost-effectively.

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Public Safety

Public Safety

Enhance real-time situational awareness and response with reliable connectivity to keep first responders and the public safe.

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Transit and Transportation

Transit and Transportation

Enable streamlined vehicle data transmission with a single, cost-effective connectivity platform.

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Keep your branch locations and mobile workforce reliably connected to minimize downtime and maximize revenue.

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NEW  Dejero EnGo 260

The world’s most durable and versatile mobile transmitter just got better

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Smart Blending Technology

By blending any and all available network connections, we create a single virtual network of networks that’s robust and reliable. Learn more about how our Smart Blending Technology works to keep you connected in remote and mobile scenarios.

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Remote Contribution

World Racing Group is no longer at the mercy of the bandwidth available from local cell towers in congested areas. Expanded remote production capabilities using Dejero CellSat enable them to stream their entire race schedule reliably—even when cellular networks are congested.

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Real-time Video

Law enforcement agency keeps the peace using Dejero EnGo to monitor crowds. Real-time video transmitted back to the command centre provided instant situational awareness of exactly what was happening as it happened.

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Mobile Connectivity

To stay reliably connected on the Tour de France, Team Sky used Dejero GateWay in extreme environments where connectivity is usually notoriously difficult. GateWay enabled sharing of information as close to real-time as possible, while the follow vehicles were moving at speed—more reliably and quicker than their competitors.

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Trade Shows

  • NBCUniversal
  • Disney ABC Television Group
  • Tribune Broadcasting
  • BellMedia
  • CBS
  • CBC
  • Rogers
  • FOX
  • NHK
  • Charter Communications
  • Aljazeera
  • Network Ten
  • Nine Network
  • The Weather Network
  • Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment
  • Sky Sports News
  • TV Azteca
  • Corus
  • Cordillera Communications
  • Walmart
  • RTL Television
  • STV
  • TV Tem
  • School of Journalism - University of Missouri
  • Musion 3D
  • Fly on the Wall
  • World Racing Group