Video Transport Solutions

Video Transport Solutions

Dejero's video transport solutions enable you to reliably reach your global multiscreen audiences instantly and cost-effectively. We give you the power to transport live and recorded video from virtually anywhere, whether you're reporting the news or covering a live or sporting event.

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Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity Solutions

Dejero's connectivity solutions provide fast, reliable, and secure connections to the Internet and private networks by blending connections from multiple wireless networks–delivering fast and dependable bandwidth in remote locations and from moving vehicles.

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HEVC (H.265)

Performance and Practicality

Learn More about our new products that support auto-transport with integrated HEVC.

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Featured Products



Built for speed and maximum versatility, the EnGo is ideal for news gathering, sports coverage, and live event broadcasting from remote locations, and while in motion.

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Exceptional picture quality with low latency. That’s what our new HEVC-capable adaptive bitrate encoder/transmitter is all about.

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GateWay Router

GateWay Router

Designed to provide fast, reliable, and secure connectivity, the cloud-managed, in-vehicle GateWay Router enables access to the Internet and private networks.

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  • Easily share your live feeds with new device sharing feature in Dejero Control
    Here's a scenario you might be familiar with: you've received word about a breaking news story and have sent a camera crew to the location. You know it's going to be a big story and an affiliate station will want a hit too. On the phone, another station is already asking if they could get a live shot from your crew. What do you do?
  • U2, hype, and Dejero
    So, how on earth do these things relate? Well, let’s start with a little known fact. U2, the greatest rock band on the planet—I’m from the same wee island, so arguably may be a little biased—performed as The Hype before they became U2.
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