Smart Blending Technology

As the world continues to become more interconnected and mobile, many organizations are embracing the cloud. They are also becoming reliant on cloud services for collaboration, productivity, and communication–taking advantage of cloud storage, compute, and AI.


Reliability you can count onReliability you can count on

Having reliable connectivity, particularly over the first- and last-mile, is important and often mission critical. Having only one connection path leaves organizations vulnerable–a problem Dejero has solved.

Dejero’s ability to deliver reliable connectivity is made possible by our patented and patent-pending Smart Blending Technology.


Smart BlendingSmart Blending

We blend cellular, satellite, or any other wired or wireless IP connection from multiple providers to form a virtual network, optimized for speed and reliability.

Our technology dynamically and intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time, to choose the optimal path to route IP packets to their destination.


Connectivity when and where you need itConnectivity when and where you need it

The result is increased reliability from connection diversity, higher bandwidth when and where it is needed, and the convenience of centralized management, billing, and support.

Our vision is simple. Reliable connectivity, anywhere. From remote locations to mobile workforces, Dejero is driven to keep organizations connected, solving first- and last-mile challenges. We’re continually advancing the reliability, availability, and convenience of remote and mobile connectivity.

Bogdan Frusina, Founder of Dejero

Benefits of Smart Blending


We blend different network technologies from multiple providers, delivering greater reliability from connection diversity. If a connection is lost or becomes congested, we reroute packets in real-time, keeping you connected, and maximizing your productivity.


In remote locations, fixed-line connectivity options may not be available or practical. Or in mobile scenarios, a single network provider may not be able to provide enough bandwidth. We deliver the bandwidth when and where you need it.


Managing multiple connectivity providers can be complicated and time consuming. We offer consolidated billing and provide you with a single touchpoint for support. We also centralize the management and monitoring of your connected devices and deliver the analytics and insight to help you make better informed decisions.

Here’s everything you need to know about Smart Blending Technology.

Technical Showcase Paper

Dejero Smart Blending Technology is an approach to connection/link aggregation that delivers both improved reliability and faster connection speeds than other aggregation techniques—ultimately enabling improved connectivity to the Internet and to cloud-based services. Learn how we do it so you can bring reliable connectivity to your organization.Download

Achieve reliable connectivity, anywhere.

We’ll help you build the right solution for your connectivity needs. Start the conversation today.

Achieve reliable connectivity, anywhere.

We’ll help you build the right solution for your connectivity needs. Start the conversation today.

Start the conversation today.