Critical connectivity for a safer world

Dejero mission-critical communications technology powers tactical operations to deliver greater situational awareness and reliable, real-time information in the harshest environments.

Mission-critical connectivity you can count on

Dejero provides connection diversity, redundancy, and continuity by aggregating multiple networks into a single service for resilient connectivity.

Easy to deploy Icon

Easy to deploy

Personnel don’t need the added stress of worrying about connectivity for communications — nor do they need to be IT experts. Dejero provides a dependable and easy-to-deploy solution for field operations.

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Improve situational awareness and response

Enhance surveillance and control capabilities during tactical operations by transmitting real-time video and data from the field to help commanders make faster, better informed decisions.

Reliable connectivity in extreme conditions Icon

Reliable connectivity in extreme conditions

Get the connection diversity, redundancy and bandwidth required for real-time video and data in situations where connections are denied, disrupted, intermittent and limited.

QoS management for contested environments Icon

QoS management for contested environments

Our flexible Quality-of-Service options, including application traffic prioritization, provide optimized traffic management in demanding and disadvantaged tactical network environments.

Smart Blending Technology

Dejero-SBT-LogoOur Smart Blending Technology™ aggregates all available network connections, creating a virtual ‘network of networks’ that’s robust and reliable. We dynamically and intelligently manage the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time to provide the reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity you need.

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Satellite aggregation

Satellite aggregation

As satellite deployments advance, we keep pace by adding the ability to simultaneously manage GEO, MEO and LEO. Coupled with cellular and terrestrial-based networks, Dejero continues to lead the industry by aggregating disparate networks with fluctuating performance characteristics into a single, resilient network connection in the world’s most difficult environments.

Command and control

Temporary base

Our mission-critical connectivity solutions provide hardened communication capabilities to forward operating bases, enabling real-time situational awareness coupled with complete network interoperability across the entire chain of command.

UAS Situational awareness

UAS Situational awareness

Our high-quality, low latency video solutions work seamlessly with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to maximize the quality of any ISR feed and enable the extraction of intelligence in real-time.

Combat vehicle

Vehicle connectivity

Integrating Dejero solutions into military vehicles ensures the resiliency needed to support tactical communications in contested environments where connectivity can be disrupted by enemy forces. Our Smart Blending Technology provides enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth.

L3Harris Technologies Powered By Dejero

L3HarrisL3Harris’ innovative Transport Aggregation Gateway ensures mission-critical communications by providing end users access to a swath of integrated Commercial and Military Satellite communications solutions— from LTE/5G and Line-Of-Sight radio to SATCOM—to complete their missions.GateWay

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Technology Partners

Together with our partners, we are enabling the mission-focused digital transformation of the Defense and Intelligence community with IP connectivity, cloud, and integrated solutions.

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