Lives depend on the ability to communicate

Dejero keeps first responders safe with resilient wireless connectivity for mission-critical communications.

Connectivity you can count on

Relying on a single connection for situational awareness, critical communications, and emergency response leaves you vulnerable. Dejero aggregates multiple wireless broadband networks into a single service for uninterrupted connectivity.

Dependable and simple technology that just works

At the scene of an incident or emergency, your personnel don’t need the added stress of worrying about connectivity — nor do they need to be IT experts.

Improve situational awareness and response

Gain real-time awareness from video and data transmitted from the scene to help incident commanders make safe and informed decisions during emergency situations.

Bandwidth when and where you need it

Applications like real-time, high-definition video are bandwidth-intensive. When networks become congested, or bandwidth is limited in fringe coverage areas, Dejero multi-network solutions deliver where others can’t.

Reliable connectivity in unreliable network conditions

Get the connection diversity, redundancy and bandwidth required for real-time video and data in locations where a single network provider has poor coverage.

Securely send real-time video and data

With FirstNet Ready™ equipment, VPN support, AES-256 encryption, and dynamic routing of packets over multiple connections, we provide public safety agencies with secure, fast, and prioritized network access.

Don’t be limited by a single network’s coverage

No single mobile network provides 100% coverage. By combining multiple networks into a single managed service, we deliver the reliability that public safety agencies depend on, integrating seamlessly with satellite paths in remote scenarios.

Resilient wireless connectivity when it matters most

More than ever, first responders and public safety agencies rely on advanced technology to improve situational awareness and response times. Transmitting real-time video and data from the field requires a lot of bandwidth, and relying on a single connection leaves organizations vulnerable.

Dejero has delivered connectivity far and beyond what we have seen in the field before. Without Dejero technology, we wouldn’t be able to operate.

Billy Farah, President
Lexicon Enterprises


UAS Situational Awareness

Dejero’s mobile video solutions work seamlessly with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to provide real-time video from the safety of the sky, helping commanders make informed decisions that save time, resources, and most importantly, lives.

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Mobile Command

Mobile command vehicles give field commanders access to real-time video and data so they can make informed decisions and respond faster. Dejero provides reliable connectivity to keep teams connected and safe on the frontlines.

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Next Generation 9-1-1 systems need to be resilient enough to withstand any disruption to critical operations. Dejero solutions provide the peace of mind that 9-1-1 services will always be available. When primary and secondary connectivity paths at the PSAP are down, Dejero provides multi-network wireless broadband to keep operations running smoothly.

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Certified FirstNet Ready

Dejero GateWay network aggregation devices are certified FirstNet Ready®, able to provide access to FirstNet® — the US nationwide public safety communications platform, built with AT&T.

With highly secure and prioritized network access, first responders and public safety agencies can quickly exchange mission-critical video and real-time data to help them make faster and better decisions.

Technology Partners

With IP connectivity, cloud, and integrated solutions, we are enabling the digital transformation of public safety with our partners.


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