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Make informed decisions faster with resilient connectivity

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Reliable, always-on connectivity built for any environment

When mobile command vehicles are deployed, they are the hub of decision making during crisis response, disaster recovery, surveillance, and event support. So fast, secure, and reliable network connectivity is critical for incident commanders to make informed decisions when every second counts.

As mobile command centers become more sophisticated, their network requirements increase. Higher bandwidth and lower latency are needed to support real-time, on-location situational awareness through high-definition video, transmission of large data files, and dynamic incident management platforms.

Relying on a single connection for critical communications and situational awareness leaves you vulnerable. You need uninterrupted connectivity to effectively communicate, coordinate, and perform your mission.

Discover the possibilities of resilient mobile command connectivity

Dejero aggregates multiple wireless broadband networks into a single service for resilient, uninterrupted connectivity. Dejero multi-network solutions deliver increased bandwidth and lower latency in the most challenging deployments and remote locations. This enables mobile command vehicles to support real-time video and data streaming, advanced applications, and emerging technologies.

Now incident commanders can collate, analyze, and share accurate, reliable real-time information to communicate, coordinate, and serve the community effectively.

Explore the Dejero technology delivering mission-critical connectivity



GateWay network aggregation devices provide unparalleled reliability and interoperability while in nomadic or mobile environments. With highly secure and prioritized network access, public safety agencies and first responders can quickly exchange real-time data and tactical video to help them make better decisions and respond faster.

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Our Smart Blending Technology™ aggregates all available network connections, creating a virtual ‘network of networks’ that’s robust and reliable. We dynamically and intelligently manage the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time to provide the reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity you need.

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GateWay Service

Using our Smart Blending Technology, the GateWay device connects with the Smart Blending Service to route real-time data and video to the desired destination.

Benefits of Dejero Mobile Command Solutions

Dejero aggregates multiple wireless broadband networks into a single service for uninterrupted connectivity. Our technology integrates seamlessly with your existing command vehicle solution.

Improve situational awareness and response Icon

Improve situational awareness and response

Share high-resolution, low-latency tactical video and real-time data so everyone deployed has a 360 view of an incident.

Versatile internet on wheels Icon

Versatile internet on wheels

Dejero delivers high-bandwidth connectivity in any environment to support all your technology requirements during response efforts.

Technology that just works Icon

Technology that just works

Your personnel don’t need the added stress of worrying about connectivity — nor do they need to be IT experts. Dejero provides an interoperable and simple solution.

Reliable connectivity at critical times Icon

Reliable connectivity at critical times

Get the connection diversity, redundancy and bandwidth required to keep personnel, equipment, and command connected during emergencies and large scale events.

FirstNet Trusted™

FirstNet LogoDerejo GateWay M6E6F and GateWay 211 are FirstNet Trusted and provide access to the nationwide public safety communications platform in the United States. Dejero’s revolutionary Smart Blending Technology combined with the FirstNet priority network provides first responders unparalleled reliability and interoperability.

FirstNet is the nationwide wireless communications network built with and for first responders and the public safety community. With FirstNet, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS get prioritized connectivity so they can focus on keeping their communities safe. First responders can rely on devices that carry the FirstNet Trusted™ designation.

Mobile Command Partners

Through IP connectivity, cloud, and integrated solutions, we are enabling the digital transformation of mobile command vehicles with our partners to improve public safety, response, and decision making.

Frontline Communications

Leading Organizations Trust Us

Dejero’s mission-critical connectivity technology is trusted by first responders, government agencies, defense, and other agencies and departments:

Pinellas County Sheriffs Office
Charleston County Sheriffs Office
Menlo Park
Sacramento County Police Department
US Customs and Border Patrol
Albuquerque Police Department
Sacramento County Sheriffs Office
CAL Fire
Florida Highway Patrol
SD County Fire
New Mexico PD
Carabineros de Chile
Laconia PD
The Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office
Mobile Command -  SDPD

Delivering resilient connectivity in the field

Police rely on Dejero for critical communications

Mobile Command Vehicle equipped with Dejero network aggregation solution enabled SDPD to use wireless internet for effective situational awareness at 40,000-strong event.

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