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Critical Connectivity for Limitless Creativity

With the shift to the cloud, reliable connectivity on set is no longer a luxury — it is critical. Brandon Cooper, President of First Mile Technologies shares his vision for secure and reliable connectivity.

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Connectivity you can count on

Connecting production locations to the cloud is the next massive shift in the industry — but in order to work in the cloud, you need to be connected to it. Emmy award-winning technology from Dejero unlocks a new realm of remote possibilities by blending cellular networks, satellite, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi to bring your production the resilient connectivity it deserves.

Create content in remote locations

There’s never been a greater demand for content. Reliable connectivity anywhere means even an isolated location won’t hold you back.

Collaborate in real-time with live video from set

Our connectivity solution means no longer sacrificing any part of the collaboration process. Receive real-time feedback from clients and collaborators around the globe for changes on the fly.

Accelerate delivery of large amounts of data from set directly to post-production
Accelerate delivery of content from set directly to post-production

Start offloading data immediately from set to post through a secure and reliable connectivity pipe. You no longer have to wait for hard drives to be delivered.

Scalable connectivity to suit your production’s unique needs

Whether you need redundant connectivity to back-up your fiber connection on set or at your live event, or you need completely wireless connectivity, Dejero has got you covered with a tailored approach for your production. 

Produce live events with peace of mind

Connectivity should be the last thing you worry about. Dejero connectivity will work seamlessly in the background, eliminating any obstacles to reliably delivering high-quality live content.

Protect your content

By working in the cloud, you are safeguarding your work against the failure or loss of physical drives. A securely encrypted virtual network ensures that your content will not be stolen, misused or interfered with.

Big or small, we connect them all

We provide the reliable connectivity needed for productions of all different sizes.











Live Event

Live Events

Bottle Tree Pictures

Seeing the multiple bonded cell connections available inside the Dejero EnGo gave us a ton of confidence that our stream was bullet-proof.

Dan Gruenpeter
Executive Producer
Bottle Tree Pictures
Rock-Solid Reliability Anywhere

Rock-Solid Reliability Anywhere

Unstable internet connections can bring your production to a halt. Unlike consumer LTE cellular hotspots or failover solutions, Dejero will serve as the backbone of your production, providing critical connectivity even in remote locations.

Dejero Smart Blending Technology blends connections from multiple providers, including 3G/4G/5G cellular and portable satellite, along with broadband connectivity from Wi-Fi and Ethernet to form a virtual ‘network of networks’ to simplify your remote production workflows.

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Virtual Video Villages for Real-Time Collaboration from Afar

Feel like you’re on set, even if you’re hundreds of miles away from it.

Dejero connectivity ensures that those who aren’t on set can still collaborate and provide feedback in real-time.

By sending high-resolution, low latency, live video directly from set to the client, agency or other collaborators anywhere around the globe, creative direction and feedback can happen in real time and any changes that need to occur can be made while the shoot is still happening, saving time and preventing costly re-shoots.

 Accelerated Delivery to Post-Production

Accelerated Delivery to Post-Production

Are you still physically transporting hard drives from set to post-production?

When you work in the cloud, post-production can begin immediately, projects can move faster, money is saved, and your creative content is backed-up.

With the right connectivity on location, you can rethink the way you move your data. You can accelerate delivery to the post-production team wherever they are saving time, money, and safeguarding against the failure or loss of hard drives.

Scalable Connectivity for Seamless Live Events

Whether you need a primary connectivity hub or a fail-safe back-up, with reliable connectivity from Dejero running seamlessly in the background you can rest assured that network interruptions and dropouts won’t ruin the experience for your guests.

With robust blending of multiple networks on a static IP, your event will run smoothly from start to finish, and you’re able to focus on all the other details that will make your event memorable.


From a snow covered mountain top we were able to stream live to our offsite client with a low latency and rock solid connection.

John Scarth
Line Producer

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