Resilient Wireless Technology

Dejero’s Resilient Wireless Technology ensures ultra-reliable transmission and reception in even the most challenging cellular environments, including remote field locations, deep within buildings, and while on the move.

This advanced RF design works in tandem with Dejero Smart Blending Technology™ and Hybrid Encoding Technology inside Dejero EnGo mobile transmitters to get the most out of every bit of bandwidth — delivering high-quality live video streams no matter the hurdles.

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Designing a portable device to deliver reliable, low-latency wireless communication in challenging environments is no easy engineering feat:

  • Portability and usability requirements impose significant constraints on size, weight and industrial design
  • Meeting safety standards and objective performance requirements necessitates complex systems design and creates challenges with the physical layout of components
  • Providing the network diversity and carrier diversity needed to meet connectivity requirements calls for a multitude of antennas and supporting subsystems

Only purpose-designed equipment can hope to satisfy these demanding requirements and achieve the high standards set by wireless certification programs while meeting mandatory regulatory and safety requirements.

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Many factors can impact cellular reception and link capacity in a dynamic way. This dramatically increases the challenge of delivering reliable transmit and receive performance in a portable multi-network device.

Signal Strength Icon

Signal Strength

  • Proximity to towers
  • Obstructions
  • Building materials and thickness
  • Weather conditions
Network Congestion Icon

Network Congestion

  • Concentration of users
  • Data-intensive applications
Coverage Quality Icon

Coverage Quality

  • Urban vs suburban and rural
  • Carrier roaming
  • Fringe coverage areas
  • Localized dead zones
Spectrum Bands Icon

Spectrum Bands

  • Lower bands travels further and penetrate buildings or obstacles but lower throughput
  • Higher bands offer more throughput but don’t travel far
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This becomes even more complicated when the wireless device is in motion, requiring hand-offs between different mobile cells and base stations. 

Multiple antennas are required to connect with a broad range of wireless networks and bands. There needs to be sufficient antenna isolation to prevent interference and cross-coupling which degrades performance. And multiple modems are required to provide carrier diversity. Furthermore, thermal dissipation needs must also be considered.

Good thing we’ve figured this all out.

"Dejero has been a key element of our success for returning the live TV signals from the stadiums to our production center. Not just the superior bonded cellular technology and compression, but the incredible resilience of the Dejero EnGo units themselves.”

Fintan Mc Kiernan
CEO, Ideal Systems South East Asia

Best 5G performance in challenging conditions

Dejero EnGo 3x Product

Our team of renowned RF and antenna experts completely redesigned EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x to enhance cellular signal quality anywhere you go. The result is unmatched reliability and 5G performance in the field.

Here’s why EnGo is the most reliable mobile transmitter in the market:

  • 4x4 MIMO antenna architecture
  • Optimal antenna separation
  • Broad support of cellular frequencies
  • Strong certification program
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Certified by leading bodies

Dejero EnGo mobile transmitters meet Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and other safety considerations. And they are certified by these leading regulatory, industry and mobile network operators.

EnGo 260 Certifications
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Dejero Resilient Wireless Technology is designed to ensure transmission and reception in even the most arduous conditions. Working seamlessly with our Smart Blending and Hybrid Encoding Technologies, the advanced RF design inside Dejero EnGo mobile transmitters reliably delivers high-quality live video streams from the field.

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