About Dejero

Driven by our vision of reliable connectivity anywhere, we aggregate diverse connectivity paths including LTE and 5G cellular, satellite and broadband into a virtual ‘network of networks’ to deliver enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth using cloud-based technology.

A two-time technical Emmy® Award winner, we are trusted to solve the mission-critical live video transport and real-time data transfer challenges of organizations around the world.

Founded in 2008 and privately-held, our headquarters is in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


Reliable Connectivity Anywhere


We solve the live video transport and real-time data transfer challenges of organizations.

We help journalists report the news that keeps us informed. We help meteorologists alert us to extreme weather events.
And we help emergency responders coordinate their efforts to save lives.
These are just some of the ways we are making a difference.

Our story

It all started on a bus. An election campaign bus.

Through his experience providing mobile connectivity for campaigns, Dejero founder Bogdan Frusina witnessed first-hand the challenges that field correspondents had reporting live from the campaign trail. He saw the logistical challenges, inflexibility, and high cost of existing technology—and knew there was a better way.

In 2008, he assembled a team of mobile internet and cellular network experts with the goal of developing and commercializing a live broadcast solution that took advantage of emerging mobile networks. And in November 2009, that vision came to life. Dejero enabled the world’s first live transmission of the torch relay across Canada for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Fast forward to today, and true to our beginnings, Dejero is still solving the toughest connectivity challenges.

Thanks to our customers, employees, partners, and investors, we’re proud of our innovations and achievements between then and now.

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Leading organizations trust Dejero

Leading organizations rely on Dejero to send and receive mission-critical live video and data around the globe.


Technology that keeps you connected

By aggregating network connections from multiple providers, we create a ‘virtual network of networks’ that’s robust and reliable. Learn how our Smart Blending Technology keeps your organization connected in remote and mobile scenarios


Technology that enhances your video quality

Dejero has developed a highly specialized Hybrid Encoding Technology ideally suited for low-latency, live video contribution scenarios. We deliver high-quality video in the most challenging field conditions.


Technology that boosts RF performance

Dejero’s Resilient Wireless Technology enhances cellular transmission and reception in our multi-network devices with integrated antennas. Learn how we navigate the trade-offs and constraints imposed by safety requirements, by regulatory requirements, by the physics that govern RF performance, and by the needs of particular use cases. 


Turning creativity into invention and innovation

Patents Issued

Patents Pending

Recognized for innovation and as a great place to work

Technology & Engineering Emmy Award

Technology & Engineering Emmy Award

The National Academy of Television Arts and Science recognized Dejero for excellence in engineering creativity for pioneering a reliable transmission method that enables live contribution and distribution of TV signals over the public Internet.


Best Workplace and Most Admired Culture

Dejero is recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Canada by the Great Place to Work Institute. It is also recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures by Waterstone Human Capital.


ISO 9001 Certified

Dejero has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification in recognition of its quality management system, with principles including a strong customer focus, the commitment of top management, an outlined process-based approach, and continual improvement. Certification was issued by Perry Johnson Registrars.


Industry memberships

Dejero is active with a number of industry associations and in the Waterloo Region tech community.