Live Video Solutions


Explore our high-quality, low-latency live video solutions for every scenario. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-prem, racked in a vehicle, rapid deploy cart or server room, or body-worn for ultimate mobility, we’ve got you covered.

Critical live video transmission

Our live video solutions are used by broadcasters, production companies, public safety agencies, first responders, and enterprise customers from a variety of industries around the world.

Resilient connectivity

Our Smart Blending Technology delivers the connection diversity, redundancy, and continuity that organizations depend on for critical live video.

Simplicity by design

Easy to set-up and operate, built-in automation enables field users to focus on the task at hand without distraction when every second counts.

Manage anywhere

Geolocate and manage field units, preview and route feeds, and view reports and live analytics with our cloud-based management system.

EnGo Mobile Transmitters

The world’s most durable and versatile mobile transmitters with integrated cellular modems — purpose-built to reliably deliver high-quality live video wirelessly from remote locations. Carry in a backpack for ultimate portability, or mount in a vehicle.


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PathWay Encoders

Racked in a portable cart, vehicle or building, our encoders transmit high-quality live video with great efficiency. Use cable/DSL/fiber broadband, cellular or satellite connections or a hybrid combination for greater connection diversity. 


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LivePlus Apps

The Dejero family of apps take remote workflows to a new level. Broadcast live or transfer recorded and edited video from a macOS device, iOS or Android smartphones or tablets.

LivePlus for Windows enables the transmission of high-quality video from a Windows laptop as well as simultaneously receiving ultra-low latency return video and teleprompter feeds.


WayPoint Receivers

WayPoint receivers reconstruct video sent from Dejero encoders and transmitters, decode HEVC and AVC codecs, and output video to various formats. These can be racked in a mobile cart or vehicle where space is a premium, or in a building server room.  


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CuePoint Return Servers

Send low-latency, live broadcast and teleprompter feeds to on-air presenters, camera operators, and other production personnel in the field. Or distribute live drone feeds to public safety and first responder personnel for situational awareness.


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Cloud Workflows

Transmitting and distributing video over the internet is a smarter, faster, and simpler way to move your live content and real-time video practically anywhere. Our portfolio of cloud services, third-party integrations, and cloud-based management system simplifies the task.


Explore solutions by industry


Broadcast-critical connectivity for news, sports and entertainment.

Media Production

Production-critical connectivity for film, television, digital and commercial production.

Public Safety

Mission-critical connectivity for first responders and public safety agencies.


Business-critical connectivity for enterprise operations.

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