CuePoint 100 and 50
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Dejero CuePoint return video servers send low-latency, live program video and teleprompter feeds to on-air presenters, camera operators, and other production personnel in the field to help them stay synchronized with central production during live broadcasts.

Which CuePoint is right for you?

CuePoint 100 ImageDejero CuePoint 100

1 U rackmount return feed server for broadcast centers

2 SDI inputs
Up to 8 output feeds
As low as 250 ms latency
Redundant power supply


CuePoint 100 award

CuePoint 50 ImageDejero CuePoint 50

Short-depth rackmount return feed server for vehicles and portable fly away kits

2 SDI inputs
Up to 8 output feeds
As low as 250 ms latency


CuePoint 50 awards

Low Latency Return Video

Synchronized production

Return feeds with as little as 250 milliseconds provide near real-time synchronization between on-air talent and the broadcast facility to help avoid pauses and delays in live programs.

250 milliseconds

Low latency is not only important for the director, but also for the producer. Dejero CuePoint allows producers to see what goes out before it's transmitted, and can correct mistakes and graphics quicker than ever before.

Martin Willingham, Technical Director
The Jewellery Channel
Rack Space Savings

Equipment Savings

Multiple source and output feeds

View return video and teleprompter feeds in the field on smartphones, tablets, and regular monitors. Multiple feeds—two simultaneous source feeds and up to eight output feeds—from a single CuePoint provides a cost-effective return video solution.

Compact Option

Giving you greater installation flexibility

The short-depth chassis of CuePoint 50 is perfect for racking in vehicles and portable fly away kits where space is a premium.

Compact Option

Dejero Control

Manage anywhere from a web browser

Assign, manage, and restrict return feeds from any device with a web browser from our cloud-based management system.

Dejero Control

Platform Agnostic Solution

Integrate into any ecosystem

CuePoint is a standalone device that can work in any ecosystem—additional Dejero equipment or apps not required.

Software Updates

Performance, feature, and compatibility enhancements

Update Dejero return feed servers with the latest software to take advantage of new and enhanced features and compatibility. Keep track of the software version of each server in Dejero Control.

Software Updates

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