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Dejero GateWay network aggregation devices are designed to deliver reliable connectivity for general-purpose applications including voice, video, and data while in nomadic or mobile environments, as well as add wireless connectivity to fixed locations.

Powered by Dejero Smart Blending Technology™, these GateWay devices aggregate diverse connectivity paths from multiple providers to deliver enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth.

Solution packages include software and connectivity services with the purpose-built hardware, backed by 24/7 support.

Which GateWay device is right for you?

Dejero GateWay 3220 ImageDejero GateWay 3220

2-modem compact, ruggedized and fanless Dell device for vehicles, portable kits and fixed locations

2 modems (5G + 4G)
1 WAN port
1 LAN port
1 Wi-Fi hotspot
Accessible SIMs
Access to public safety networks


Dejero GateWay 211 ImageDejero GateWay 211

3-modem ruggedized and fanless device for vehicles and portable kits

3 modems
1 WAN port
4 LAN ports
1 Wi-Fi hotspot
Accessible SIMs
Smart power
Access to public safety networks


Dejero GateWay M6E6 ImageDejero GateWay M6E6

6-modem 1U rackmount device for vehicles and portable kits

6 modems
Up to 5 WAN ports
Up to 5 LAN ports
1 Wi-Fi hotspot
OLED display
Access to public safety networks


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Enhanced Reliability

Connectivity you can count on

GateWay devices blend 3G/4G/5G cellular connections from multiple wireless network providers to obtain carrier diversity that delivers greater reliability.

With the option to blend broadband and satellite connections, in fact any IP connection, network technology diversity further enhances reliability.

If a connection is lost or becomes congested, we automatically reroute packets in real-time across the other connection paths to keep you reliably connected.

Expanded Coverage

No single provider can give you the coverage that we can

Connectivity options may be limited in remote locations and when operating while mobile. Even in urban areas, cellular dead zones exist.

By aggregating multiple network services into a single virtual ‘network of networks’, you have access to a greater coverage area than what a single provider can deliver alone.

Expanded Coverage

Greater Bandwidth

Delivering the upload and download capacity you need

By continuously measuring each connection in real-time, we dynamically distribute packets across the multiple connections. Leverage the combined bandwidth potential of all connections to achieve greater upload and download capacity.

SBT Background Image

Smart Blending Technology

Built in intelligence delivers exceptional performance

Our patented Smart Blending Technology aggregates all available network connections, creating a virtual ‘network of networks’ that’s robust and reliable.

We dynamically and intelligently manage the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time to provide the reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity you need.

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FirstNet Trusted™

Mission-critical connectivity for public safety

GateWay is FirstNet Trusted and available for use on FirstNet, the nationwide wireless communications network built with and for first responders and the public safety community. With FirstNet, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS get prioritized connectivity so they can focus on keeping their communities safe. First responders can rely on devices that carry the FirstNet Trusted™ designation.

FirstNet Logo

The device improved my connectivity tremendously and provided seamless operations.

Phil Ambrose, Battalion Chief
LA Area Fire Department

Cloud Management

Manage and monitor your devices from a browser

Remotely configure devices without field user intervention, monitor device status in real time, set proactive alerts, and view detailed analytics on data usage and performance—anywhere from a web browser in Dejero Control.

Dejero Control

VolAero was extremely satisfied with the performance of Dejero’s Smart Blending Technology in the congested environments during the Superbowl LIV and Superfest 2020 events. The system is a best-in-class.

Charles Zwebner, CEO
VolAero Drones

Priority Routing

Manage costs and customize network utilization

Implement least cost routing by defining priority connections to help manage your costs. Or prioritize network utilization based on your unique needs. We simplify this customization in Dejero Control.

Priority Routing

Software Updates

Performance, feature and security enhancements

Updating Dejero network aggregation devices with the latest software is vital to take advantage of performance, feature and security enhancements. Keep track of the software version of each device in Dejero Control.

Software Updates

Enhanced Security Background Image

Enhanced Security

Keep your real-time video and data secure

Dynamic routing of packets over multiple connections provides inherent security. GateWay devices also support Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunneling to authenticate and encrypt packets exchanged across tunnels— providing secure access to private networks from remote locations.

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