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Dejero PathWay encoders deliver exceptional picture quality with low latency in a 1U form-factor, ideal for installation in vehicles, portable flyaway kits, or standard 19” server racks. 

Powered by Dejero Smart Blending Technology™, PathWay allows you to contribute high-quality video from the field. And with the option of blending cellular connectivity with an Ethernet (LAN/WAN or satellite) and Wi-Fi connection, live video can be transmitted even in challenging network conditions or while moving.

Which PathWay device is right for you?

Dejero PathWay E ImageDejero PathWay E

Rack-mounted encoder for vehicles and portable flyaway kits

1U short-depth rackmount
2 x Ethernet LAN/WAN or satellite
1 x dual-band Wi-Fi


Dejero PathWay EC ImageDejero PathWay EC

Rack-mounted transmitter with integrated modems for cellular and optional satellite connectivity to transmit from vehicles

1U short-depth rackmount
2 x Ethernet LAN/WAN or satellite
1 x dual-band Wi-Fi
6 x 3G/4G/LTE integrated modems


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Smart Blending Technology

Reliable connectivity for low latency live video

Transmit high-quality live video with latency as low as 0.8 seconds. Integrated Smart Blending Technology intelligently combines multiple network connections in real-time for enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth capacity.

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Hybrid Encoding Technology Logo
Standard Encoding

Video captured at 1 Mb/s demonstrates how Hybrid Encoding Technology provides superior performance even in extremely low bitrate scenarios. Move the slider left and right to see the difference.

Hybrid Encoding Technology

Exceptional live video picture quality

Ensure high-quality live video with adaptive HEVC compression and low bitrates at 1080p 50/60. Hybrid hardware/software encoding dynamically adapts in real-time based on the complexity of the video scene being captured and the network throughput.

Content Complexity
Adapts to real-time feedback about the complexity of the content being encoded, such as the amount of motion.
Network Throughput
Adapts to real-time feedback from Dejero Smart Blending Technology about the blended connection’s throughput capacity and latency

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AES256 Stream Encryption

Enhanced security

AES256 is the strongest and most robust commercially-available encryption standard for securing data being sent from your PathWay encoder.

Keeps video and data safe from being stolen, misused, or interfered with while being transported over public internet links.

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Versatile Functionality

Go live while moving
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Go live while moving

Perfect for racking in vehicles to go live while moving. Connect to an array of external antennas mounted on a vehicle and seamlessly switch from cellular to satellite, or CellSat transmission when on the scene.

Emergency Preparedness
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Emergency preparedness

Part of a portable disaster-recovery kit to provide a critical backup transmission solution and ensure uninterrupted broadcasts if your main feed fails during a storm, emergency, or sudden evacuation.

CellSat Connectivity Service

Reliable bandwidth wherever, whenever.

The optional CellSat service uses Smart Blending Technology to intelligently blend cellular connectivity from multiple cellular providers with Ku-band IP satellite connectivity from X2nSat.

We top up the bandwidth from cellular paths with satellite bandwidth on-demand, delivering a highly reliable connectivity solution that can be accessed from virtually anywhere in North America.

CellSat Connectivity Service Image

In partnership with
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Operating Modes

Full feature functionality


Transmit high-quality live video over IP networks

Store & Forward

Record video for later transfer with 85 GB of internal storage (32 hours of HD video)

File Transfer

Transfer edited video or other files to a Dejero receiver

Live and Store & Forward

Transmit live video while also recording for later transfer at a higher quality with Dual Encode mode

Transfer while Recording

Transfer video to a Dejero receiver while also recording


Real-time communications

PathWay supports IFB, providing one-way voice communication from the studio to field talent while live or in standby mode.

IFB Image

Dejero Control

Manage PathWay from anywhere

Geolocate field units, preview incoming feeds, and route and distribute content. We make it easy to monitor usage and performance, set up email notifications on activity, and generate detailed reports from any web browser.


Software Updates

Performance, feature, and compatibility enhancements

Update Dejero encoders with the latest software to take advantage of new and enhanced features and compatibility. Keep track of the software version  in Dejero Control.

Software Updates

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