Dejero WayPoint Receivers
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Dejero WayPoint receivers reconstruct video transported over multiple IP connections from Dejero transmitters, decode HEVC or AVC, and output to your desired workflow—SMPTE ST 2110, SDI, or MPEG-TS.

Which WayPoint is right for you?

Dejero WayPoint 3 ImageDejero WayPoint 3

Four-output receiver for SDI or MPEG-TS workflows

4 HD outputs
2 4K UHD outputs
Hard drive redundancy
Power supply redundancy

Full Tech Specs

Dejero WayPoint 204 ImageDejero WayPoint 204

Four-output receiver for SMPTE ST 2110 workflows

4 HD outputs
Hard drive redundancy
Power supply redundancy

Full Tech Specs

Dejero WayPoint 50 ImageDejero WayPoint 50

Compact, one-output receiver for vehicles and portable flyaway kits

1 HD output

Full Tech Specs

Picture Quality

4K UHD video support

The WayPoint 3 receives video in resolutions up to 4K UHD to help you broadcast sports, live events, and film productions in the highest picture quality.

4K image
Redundancy background image

Built-In Redundancy

Minimizing risk and maximizing uptime

Engineered for reliability, WayPoint 3 and 204 use industry-proven hot-swappable power supplies and front-access 1 TB hard drives with RAID protection for both power and storage redundancy.

IFB and Intercom

Real-time communications

Communicate with camera operators and talent in the field while in live and stand-by mode with one-way, interruptible foldback (IFB) and two-way, full-duplex voice communication.

IFB icon



IFB Image
rack space image

Rack Space Savings

More outputs in less space

A single WayPoint 3 or 204 receives and outputs transmissions from up to four different sources simultaneously—optimizing valuable rack space in your facility.

Compact Option

Giving you greater installation flexibility

The short-depth chassis of WayPoint 50 is perfect for racking in vehicles and portable fly away kits where space is a premium.

Compact Option image

Codec Auto-Detection

Automation does the work for you

Compatible with any Dejero transmitter, WayPoint receivers auto-detect whether the incoming feed transmission is HEVC (H.265) or AVC (H.264) and decodes accordingly.

Deliver higher-quality video at lower bitrates—especially helpful in challenging cellular network conditions when bandwidth is limited.


Dejero Control

Manage anywhere from a web browser

Manage all your receivers and output assignments remotely from any device with a web browser from our cloud-based management system.


Software Updates

Performance, feature, and compatibility enhancements

Update Dejero receivers with the latest software to take advantage of new and enhanced features and compatibility. Keep track of the software version of each receiver in Dejero Control.

Software Updates

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