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Accelerate content delivery from set to post-production

How much faster would your projects move if you could securely upload files right away so post-production could begin sooner — even before the day's shoot has wrapped?

Moving gigabytes of content requires a fast and reliable network connection image

Moving gigabytes of content requires a fast and reliable network connection

Stop waiting for hard drives to be hand-delivered and start uploading data immediately through a secure and reliable connectivity pipe. By working in the cloud, you can accelerate the post-production process and protect your content with a securely encrypted virtual network from Dejero.

To keep projects rolling, you need a resilient internet connection

With the right connectivity backbone connecting your set with your post-production team, content can be sent directly from the set — speeding up projects, reducing costs and creating a safeguard against the failure or loss of physical media.

Workflow integration Icon

Workflow integration

Get secure and reliable access to the Internet to support your preferred cloud-based file transfer platform.

Accelerated workflows Icon

Accelerated workflows

Files and data can be moved directly to post-production before the shoot is completed.

Operational efficiency Icon

Operational efficiency

Crew members aren’t traveling great distances to hand-deliver physical drives to post-production.

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Improved redundancy

Sending directly from set means that your content is protected from damage or loss.

Post-production workflow

Limited connectivity and bandwidth on set, especially in remote locations, has been the barrier to getting files and data out quickly to all creative teams that need to work together in post-production. We are very excited by the possibilities that Dejero has opened up.

Brandon Cooper
Brandon Cooper
President, Film & New Media
First Mile Technologies

GateWay transports your data quickly and securely

Dejero GateWay network aggregation devices deliver reliable connectivity for media production applications enabling the secure transfer of large amounts of content to accelerate post-production workflows and turn projects around faster.

Which GateWay is right for you?

GateWay M6E6 Image GateWay M6E6

6 modems

Up to 5 WAN ports, Up to 5 LAN ports
1 Wi-Fi hotspot
1U rack-mount

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GateWay 211 Image GateWay 211

3 modems

1 WAN port, 4 LAN ports
1 Wi-Fi hotspot
Ruggedized, fanless

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