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Connect creatives and decision makers with real-time video

Having a remote or distributed team doesn’t have to be complicated. Dejero equips distributed team members with uninterrupted live video direct from set through a rock-solid, high-bandwidth connectivity solution.

Feel like you’re on set, even if you’re hundreds of miles away from it

Remote locations, travel restrictions, and scheduling conflicts mean productions are becoming increasingly dependent on remote team members. Dejero live video solutions expand the walls of your set with real-time video feeds, so client, agency, or other collaborators can see what the camera is capturing in real-time from anywhere in the world.

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Accelerated workflows

Feedback and direction can happen immediately — keeping projects on schedule and avoiding costly re-shoots.

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Reduced costs

Fewer people on-set or location reduces expenses associated with accommodation, amenities and travel.

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Expanding creativity

Shoot from anywhere without worrying about being slowed down by a poor Internet connection.

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Access to global talent

The ability to connect virtually in real-time with anyone, anywhere, means the talent pool for a production is not restricted by geography.

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Crew safety

Keep crew a safe distance away from risky locations or high-speed action shots without sacrificing visibility to the scene.

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Better work-life balance

Team members don’t need to be physically on-set and can avoid extended stays away from home.

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The magic behind a resilient Internet connection

By intelligently combining connections from multiple carriers into a single service, Dejero Smart Blending Technology™ dynamically manages the fluctuating bandwidth and latency differences of the individual connections in real-time. The result? Low-latency, uninterrupted live video direct from set over a resilient high-bandwidth and secure Internet connection.

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The EnGo is an amazing tool that has helped us to create a highly efficient remote workflow for our productions. It means that everyone has a great video of what is being filmed at that moment so faster, more considered, creative decisions can be made, which enhances overall production values.

Vinit Borrison, Cinematographer

Real-time collaboration anywhere around the globe

The EnGo — the world’s most versatile mobile transmitter — enables production companies to send high quality, and low latency live video directly from set, anywhere needed. Dejero solution packages include purpose-built hardware, patented software, and connectivity services, backed by industry-leading 24/7 support.

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Flexible and customized rental packages

We will support your production every step of the way. With short and long term rental options, as well as multi-production discounts, we will work with you to determine what equipment you need, a data plan to suit, and any other additional services or support to ensure success.

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