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Commanders need resilient wireless connectivity when it matters most

Incident Commanders rely on drones to give them an aerial view of an evolving situation, whether it be a fire, a large crowd, or disaster response. High-definition, real-time video enables them to make smarter, faster decisions to keep their field personnel safe, and coordinate an effective response. If you rely on only one connectivity path at a time to support your communication needs, you are vulnerable. Without real-time video and data you are unable to anticipate, react and manage emergency situations.

Take your UAS to new heights with real-time situational awareness

Dejero solutions work seamlessly with many UAS solutions to send high-definition tactical video in real-time and perform in scenarios where infrastructure has been damaged. Combining diverse connections from multiple providers, Dejero intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time to enhance your connection bandwidth and reliability, while expanding the areas you can operate in.

The ability to deliver low-latency, real-time video and data opens up new opportunities for drone programs from improving situational awareness to enhancing search and rescue capabilities beyond visual line-of-sight.

Explore the Dejero technology enhancing situational awareness for public safety

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EnGo is the world’s most durable mobile transmitter that’s purpose-built for reliably sending high-definition, real-time video from remote locations. The UAS base station connects to the EnGo.

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Our Smart Blending Technology™ aggregates all available network connections, creating a virtual ‘network of networks’ that’s robust and reliable. We dynamically and intelligently manage the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time to provide the reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity you need.

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Dejero Control enables you to preview and route real-time video from multiple sources, and centrally manage Dejero equipment from a web browser.

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The on-prem WayPoint receiver reconstructs video transported over multiple IP connections from the EnGo, decodes and outputs the video.

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Share high-definition UAS video with tactical teams

Provide low-latency, real-time video access with up to 8 remote viewers simultaneously for enhanced situational awareness. Response teams can capture video in the field and send it in real-time to the command centre and other field operatives over a resilient, secure connection. With Dejero, you can share actionable intelligence while keeping teams connected and safe on the frontlines.

The Dejero solution came pre-configured so police officers only needed to press a single button to get up and running. No technical training was required and they didn’t need to worry about finding signals or troubleshooting – they could just focus on the job at hand.

Octavio Navarro, Founder

Benefits of Dejero UAS Solutions

Dejero aggregates multiple wireless broadband networks into a single service for uninterrupted connectivity. Our technology integrates seamlessly with your existing UAS solution.

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Technology that just works

During an emergency response, your personnel don’t need the added stress of worrying about connectivity — nor do they need to be IT experts. Dejero provides a dependable and simple solution.

Bandwidth when and where you need it Icon

Bandwidth when and where you need it

Applications like real-time, high-definition video are bandwidth-intensive. When networks become congested, or bandwidth is limited in fringe coverage areas, Dejero’s resilient connectivity solution delivers where others can’t.

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Improve situational awareness and response

Tactical teams get high-resolution, low-latency real-time video to make faster and better decisions in the field.

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Reliable connectivity in extreme environments

Get the connection diversity, redundancy and bandwidth required for real-time tactical video and data, even in unreliable network conditions.

Leading Organizations Trust Us

Dejero’s mission-critical connectivity technology is trusted by first responders, government agencies, defense, and other agencies and departments:

Pinellas County Sheriffs Office
Charleston County Sheriffs Office
Menlo Park
Sacramento County Police Department
US Customs and Border Patrol
Albuquerque Police Department
Sacramento County Sheriffs Office
CAL Fire
Florida Highway Patrol
SD County Fire
New Mexico PD
Carabineros de Chile
Laconia PD
The Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office
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Delivering real-time tactical video in the field

Dejero provided critical connectivity to San Diego PD at 2021 US Open

During the 121st US Open golf tournament, the San Diego Police Department needed a secure and reliable way to monitor the Torrey Pines South Course, despite cellular network congestion and major crowds. In order to keep golfers, spectators, and tournament organizers safe, Dejero solutions provided uninterrupted connectivity for enhanced situational awareness and faster and better decision-making.

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