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LTE mobile transmitter

Reliable, simple to use, and built tough, EnGo 263 is designed to securely transmit high-definition, real-time tactical video from the field.

Dejero EnGo 263

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Best-in-breed performance in the most challenging environments.

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Unmatched security features to protect your video and data streams.

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Rugged design built tough for demanding field use.

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Easy to Use

Quick to deploy with simplified setup and interoperability.

Meet EnGo 263: Transmit real-time HD video from anywhere

Smart Blending Technology Background

Smart Blending Technology

Unmatched connectivity for real-time tactical video

Transmit real-time tactical video so commanders can make faster, smarter, and safer decisions. Integrated Smart Blending Technology™ intelligently combines multiple network connections in real-time for enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth capacity.

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Smart Blending Technology
Hybrid Encoding Technology logo
Standard Encoding

Video captured at 1 MB/s demonstrates how Hybrid Encoding Technology provides superior performance even in extremely low bitrate scenarios. Move the slider left and right to see the difference.

Hybrid Encoding Technology

Unmatched video quality in challenging environments

Ensure high-quality live video with HEVC compression and bitrates up to 20 Mb/s at 1080p 50/60. Hybrid hardware/software encoding dynamically adapts in real-time based on the complexity of the video being captured and the network throughput.

Content Complexity
Adapts to real-time feedback about the complexity of the video being encoded, such as the amount of motion.

Network Throughput
Adapts to real-time feedback from Dejero Smart Blending Technology about the blended connection’s throughput capacity and latency.

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Resilient Wireless Technology

Unmatched performance with world-class design

Ensure ultra-reliable cellular reception in poor coverage and crowded areas, and while on the go. With world-class wireless expertise and high-efficiency antennas optimally separated to maximize reception, we deliver unmatched performance in the field. 

Tested and certified for SAR and other safety considerations. And EnGo 263 is certified by regulatory, industry, and mobile network operators.

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FCC Certification
CE Certification
IC Certification
Verizon Certification
Dejero EnGo 263 Antenna

I’ve never seen anything like this. Dejero itself is in a league of its own when it comes to critical connectivity in mobile and nomadic scenarios.

Tom Jennings, President
Accelerated Media Technologies

Enhanced security

Protect your tactical video

Featuring a cryptoprocessor to authenticate hardware, a security-hardened Linux operating system, and AES256 encryption — the strongest and most robust commercially-available encryption standard — EnGo 263 keeps your tactical video secure when transported over public internet links.

Security Lockup

Premium Build Quality

Tough by design

Built with aircraft-grade aluminum in a monocoque construction that’s lightweight and strong, we’ve added polycarbonate ABS bumpers for additional protection.

To create the most rugged transmitter on the market, we go beyond basic drop tests. From vibration tests to shock and crash-testing of the Vehicle Antenna Dock, we go the extra mile. Nobody builds it like Dejero.

The Dejero form-factor is robust, it takes a beating and keeps on working.

Steve Schroeder, Director of Statewide Content Operations
Griffin Communications

Simple and intuitive

Making the operator’s job easier

A large, vibrant capacitive touchscreen provides a video preview of what the camera is capturing, status information, and easy operation.

Built-in automation detects video input and format to save the operator time. And a wired remote on the backpack shoulder strap provides access to controls, and helps the operator monitor status lights.

Dejero EnGo 263 Simple and intuitive

UAS Video Interoperability

Capture real-time video from unique vantage points

EnGo 263 works seamlessly with unmanned aerial systems to provide high-definition, real-time video. Whether used for search and rescue operations, observing crowd movement and safety at events, or directing firefighting resources, commanders have greater situational awareness to make faster, smarter, and safer decisions for their field personnel.

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EnGo Accessories

Maximum versatility

Dejero EnGo 263 Backpack with wired remote

Backpack with
wired remote

An included backpack features a dedicated compartment for an optional external battery, an expandable bottom compartment for carrying extra gear, built-in cable management, and a wired remote attached to the shoulder strap for easy access and operation.

Dejero EnGo 263 Vehicle Antenna Dock

Optional Vehicle
Antenna Dock

The Vehicle Antenna Dock lets you secure the EnGo 263 in a vehicle for safety while in motion, connecting to rooftop antennas to boost cellular reception. Shock and crash-tested, this optional accessory was designed for high durability and strength.


Dejero Control

Manage EnGo from anywhere

Geolocate and remotely control field units, preview incoming feeds, and route and distribute real-time video streams. We make it easy to monitor usage and performance, set up email notifications on activity, and generate detailed reports from any web browser.

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Dejero Control

Software Updates

Performance and feature enhancements

Keep your EnGo up to date with the latest software to unlock new features and take advantage of performance enhancements. We simplify the tracking of software versions of your fleet of transmitters in Dejero Control.

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