Dejero GateWay 3220 Quick Start Guide

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Before you begin, remove the Dejero GateWay 3220, the DC power input connector, and the mounting brackets from the package.

To secure the GateWay device to your installation location, use six M4 screws. These screws are not included with the device.

External antennas are also required for the GateWay device, but they are not included, and you must purchase them separately. For more information on the recommended antennas, visit

Caution IconCaution: There is a risk of explosion if the battery is replaced with an incorrect type. The GateWay device should only be serviced by authorized Dejero personnel.

Antenna requirements

The Dejero GateWay 3220 requires the following external antennas:

  • Two cellular (4G/LTE) antennas.
  • Four cellular (5G) antennas.
  • Two Wi-Fi® antennas. The Wi-Fi antennas must be RP-SMA.

Installation notes

  • When installing multiple antennas, you must maintain at least 20 cm (8 inches) between each one.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for information on installing the antennas.
  • When installing the antennas, consider the location where you plan to install the GateWay device. The RF cables from the antennas must reach the GateWay device easily and must be routed properly.

Antenna configurations

Use one of the following recommended configurations to select and install the antennas for the GateWay.

Caution IconWarning: Single port cellular antennas can connect to any antenna port, but you must connect dual port cellular antennas to the antenna port pairs specified below. The antenna can only engage when you use these connection pairs.

Configuration option 1 (Single port antennas):

  • Use two Wi-Fi antennas. Connect each one to the available antenna ports marked ANT1, ANT2.
  • Use six single port antennas. Connect each one to an available antenna port (ANT5, ANT6, 5G1, 5G2, 5G3, 5G4).

Configuration option 2 (Dual port antennas):

  • Use two Wi-Fi antennas. Connect each one to the available antenna ports marked ANT1, ANT2.
  • Use one dual port antenna and one four port antenna. Connect each one to the following antenna port pairs: (ANT5 and ANT6) (5G1, 5G2, 5G3, and 5G4).

Mount the GateWay device

  1. Align the mounting bracket on one side of the device with the installation location. 
  2. Secure the bracket to the installation location using two M4 screws.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the mounting bracket on the other side of the device.
  4. Tighten all screws.

GateWay 3220 Brackets

  1. Mounting bracket

Set up the GateWay device

After installing the GateWay device, you must set it up.

  1. Screw the antennas to the SMA connectors on the back and side of the GateWay device. Make sure that the tool engages the SMA connector on the RF cable, not the hex lock nut on the chassis. 
  2. If necessary, connect the power cable to the power adapter. Insert the wires into the left (V+) and right (V–) holes of the connector, ignoring the middle hole, as shown in the figure. Double check your wiring, wire colors may vary.
  3. Plug the power connector into the back of the GateWay device.
  4. Hand-tighten the connector screws.
  5. Verify that your power source and fuse are adequate to meet the maximum power specifications.
  6. Plug the power cable into a power source.
  7. If necessary, perform the following actions:
    1. To connect to a LAN, connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet 1 port on the front of the GateWay device. Add a label to indicate that the cable is for the LAN connection.
    2. To connect to a WAN, connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet 2 port on the front of the GateWay device. Add a label to indicate that the cable is for the WAN connection.
    3. If you want to configure the device using the GateWay User Interface and you want to use a monitor with this tool, connect the monitor to the DisplayPort on the back of the device. Connect a keyboard and mouse to the USB ports on the front of the device. Alternatively, you can connect these peripherals using a KVM switch.

About the GateWay device

Without a monitor attached, when you press the Power Reset button, the GateWay device runs through the startup process and establishes its connections.

GateWay 3220 Front

  1. 6 x Cellularantenna connectors
  2. 2 x Audio (Line-out, mic-in)
  3. 1 x Digitalinput/output
  4. Reset button
  5. 2 x Display ports
  6. 1 x LAN port
  7. 1 x WAN port
  8. 4 x USB 3.1

GateWay 211 Front

  1. 1 x 5G modem
  2. 1 x 4G/LTE modem
  3. 2 x SIM slots
  4. 2 x Serial ports
  5. 2 x Wi-Fiantenna connectors

Configure the GateWay device

After installing the GateWay device, log into Dejero Control as an administrator to configure and manage the device. Then, connect other devices to it (using the LAN or WAN ports or Wi-Fi) to access the internet. For more information, visit to read the Dejero GateWay 3220 User Guide.

Need help?

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Technical Support:
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