Required SIM card upgrade:
EnGo 260 Mobile Transmitter

Thank you for your cooperation in upgrading the SIM cards for your Dejero EnGo 260 mobile transmitter. Please follow the instructions below to upgrade your device. If you have any questions, reach out to our support team at: 1 866 808 3665 x2 or

Download PDF Instructions

How to replace your SIM module

  1. Locate the SIM module on the EnGo 260 just above the SDI barrel, and undo the two thumbscrews.
  2. Remove the module.
  3. Insert the new SIM module with the gold connector orientated to the bottom of the EnGo 260.
  4. Fasten the thumbscrews hand-tight.
  5. Update the settings in the EnGo to secondary SIM:
    1. Access the Settings of the EnGo
    2. Tap on ‘Connections’
    3. Select ‘SIM Set’ and change to ‘Secondary’
  6. Place the ‘Secondary SIMs in use’ sticker on your device.
    EnGo 260 with sticker
  7. Contact Dejero Support to activate the new SIMs at: 1 866 808 3665 x2 or
  8. Use the included return mailer to send the old module back to Dejero.