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EnGo is a compact and modular mobile transmitter that encodes high-quality video and transmits over multiple IP networks to reliably deliver exceptional picture quality with extremely low latency—even in challenging network conditions.

Camera-mounted, vehicle-mounted, or wearable, EnGo is ideal for newsgathering, sports coverage, and live event broadcasting from remote locations, and while in motion.

Reliable and simple to use, EnGo is designed for mobile video contribution professionals who require agility and versatility.

  • Built for speed – One-button start up and automatic video input and format detection enables fast set up. Camera-mounted or body-worn, there are no more cables to trip over so you can quickly move location.

  • Simple and intuitive – The simple, intuitive touch screen interface provides confidence monitoring, status information, and easy operation. Built-in intelligence does most of the work for you so you can focus on the shot.

  • Maximum versatility – EnGo adapts to your needs. The modem modules are optimized for your region, swappable with other regional modules, and upgradeable to take advantage of advances in cellular networks. And the SIM module makes it easy to use local SIMs when travelling.

  • Broadcast from virtually anywhere – Cellular, Wi-Fi, and portable satellite connectivity from a compact transmitter enables you to reliably broadcast live from virtually anywhere. You can even broadcast live while moving.

  • Remarkable performance – Bonding up to eight network connections, EnGo reliably delivers exceptional picture quality with low latency even in challenging bandwidth conditions. Get your live shot where others can’t.

  • Cloud control – Geolocate, monitor performance, remotely control, preview feeds, and route your content with our cloud management tool from a web browser—giving you ultimate control.

EnGo Vehicle Mount Kit with integrated signal booster

Dejero EnGo Vehicle Mount Kit

The Vehicle Mount Kit is an ideal solution for crews wanting versatility. The EnGo can be mounted in a vehicle and connected to rooftop antennas for increased cellular network reception or live shots while driving. And it can quickly be dismounted and placed in a backpack or sling bag, or mounted on a camera for mobility while on location. One transmitter does it all.

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EnGo is part of the Dejero platform that simplifies the remote acquisition, cloud management, and multiscreen distribution of professional live video over IP.