Making the EnGo even more versatile

The Vehicle Mount Kit is an ideal accessory for news, sports and live event crews wanting maximum versatility from their EnGo portable transmission system.

Integrated Signal Booster

The modular design enables the integrated antenna connections to be added to all existing EnGo units. Using the built-in EnGo modem/SIM connections and the external antennas, the significant signal gain can help you transmit a live shot when in challenging network conditions. And without the cost of additional SIMs.

Mount in a Vehicle

The EnGo can be securely mounted in an SNG/ENG truck or small and discrete newsgathering vehicle and connected to rooftop antennas for increased cellular reception and resiliency. An array of rooftop antennas provides maximum signal reception for reliable video transmission. It also lets reporters broadcast live from the vehicle while it’s moving.

Go Mobile

Easily slide the EnGo out of the mounting cradle and place in a backpack or sling bag. Or conveniently mount on an ENG camera. Now you have restored full mobility to use the transmitter virtually anywhere.


  • Choice of antennas: Select the external antennas that you prefer. We recommend spreading out the antennas for optimal RF performance.

  • Quick disconnect: When you arrive on the scene of breaking news, speed is everything. Simply disconnect two cables and slide the EnGo out of the mounting cradle and you are good to go.

  • Backwards compatible: The kit can be used with existing EnGo mobile transmitters already in the field. Modification of the EnGo is simple.

  • No additional cell plan: With the EnGo vehicle mount kit, you don’t need an additional cellular plan for an external modem/antenna unit. 

EnGo Vehicle Mount Kit in Action

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EnGo Vehicle Mount Kit is part of the LIVE+ platform that simplifies the remote acquisition, cloud management, and multiscreen distribution of professional live video over IP.

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