MultiPoint is a video distribution network by Dejero that simplifies the sharing of high-quality, low-latency, real-time video feeds using existing Dejero infrastructure.

With MultiPoint, you can quickly, easily, and cost-effectively distribute live content from any location, to any location, at any time. The solution leverages Internet infrastructure to simplify global distribution and features adaptive bitrate encoding technology to minimize bandwidth requirements. 

Built for scalability, and managed in the Cloud, MultiPoint brings you the future of live video distribution—today.

  • Simplified content sharing – Easily and instantly share live and on-demand content simultaneously across your organization or with third parties without satellite provisioning or dedicated fiber networks.

  • Flexible and scalable – Ubiquitous availability of Internet connectivity and inherent scalability of cloud-based infrastructure gives you ultimate flexibility.

  • Cost effective – Using public Internet infrastructure is more affordable and faster to deploy than a private network.

  • Global distribution – Route content to any location with an Internet connection and WayPoint or Transceiver, or to a Cloud Server for distribution via a CDN.

  • Exceptional picture quality – Proprietary adaptive bitrate encoding technology delivers the highest-quality video stream. Superb picture quality is what we’re known for.

  • Low latency – Constant monitoring and intelligent management of endpoint latency and bandwidth ensures the best performance.

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MultiPoint is part of the Dejero platform that simplifies the remote acquisition, cloud management, and multiscreen distribution of professional live video over IP.