Dejero PathWay

PathWay is an HEVC capable adaptive bitrate encoder/transmitter in a 1U rack-mounted form-factor that delivers exceptional picture quality with low latency.

Designed for installation in newsgathering and remote production vehicles or in fixed locations, you have the option of blending cellular connectivity with an Ethernet (LAN/WAN or satellite) or Wi-Fi connection. For additional reliability in the field, use PathWay as part of the Dejero CellSat solution to automatically blend cellular and Ku-band IP satellite connectivity from Intelsat.

PathWay can also be used as a backup transmission solution in the event a station loses its primary transmission capability. It’s also great for enabling feeds from remote studios and fixed-location cameras.

  • Resilient transmission
    Reliably delivers exceptional picture quality with low latency over cellular, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or satellite connections. Take advantage of the best transmission path for your particular situation.

  • Save the day
    Avoid going “off the air”. Great backup solution for your broadcast facility if your main feed fails. Make it part of your disaster recovery and emergency preparedness plan.

  • Broadcast while moving
    Connect to an array of external antennas mounted on a vehicle to go live while moving. Seamlessly switch from cellular to satellite, or CellSat transmission when on the scene.

  • Cut costs
    Cost-effective alternative for receiving remote live feeds from fixed-location cameras. Also provides greater flexibility as to where you can place those cameras.

  • HEVC (H.265) encoding
    Deliver higher quality video at lower bitrates; especially helpful in challenging cellular network conditions when bandwidth is limited.

  • Cloud control
    Geolocate, monitor performance, remotely control, preview feeds, and route your content with our cloud management tool from a web browser— giving you ultimate control.

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PathWay is part of the Dejero platform that simplifies the remote acquisition, cloud management, and multiscreen distribution of professional live video over IP.