Mobile Command & Control

First responders rely on connectivity in vehicles, command and control centres, and on the scene to get the job done safely and efficiently. Access to mission-critical applications in any environment is a must—downtime is not an option.

Where every second counts, relying on a single network connection is too risky. Connectivity can be lost where there are coverage gaps in urban and remote locations, when cellular infrastructure has been compromised by a natural disaster, or when networks are highly congested from a large gathering like a protest.

Dejero provides blended reliable connectivity from multiple providers—including FirstNet—that keeps command and on-scene responders reliably connected when others can’t.

Resilient and Reliable Connectivity You Can Count On

Dejero provides a complete connectivity solution that increases available capacity and delivers greater reliability.

Mobile Command & Control

Superior to a failover solution, Dejero delivers always-on connectivity so first responders can focus on the challenge in front of them


Reliable and resilient blended connectivity to transmit video in congested and remote locations


Easy to use, install, connect to external antennas, and configure

Improved Situational Awareness

Real-time data from in-vehicle applications and remote devices

Data-Driven Decision Making

Interoperability enables data-driven decision making and faster response times


VPN support and dynamic routing of packets over multiple connections

Manage Anywhere

Cloud-based Dejero Control for remote management and reporting

With Lives on Line, Every Second Counts

Maintain communications between field officers and the command center while in challenging network conditions

Provide reliable access to data and video for patrol officers and SWAT teams, even at high speeds and across large geographies

Manage large gatherings like parades, protests, and sporting events with real-time data and live video from multiple vantage points

Customer Stories

Bavarian Police Meet Security Challenges with Broadcast-Quality Live Video

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Dejero Technology Aids Public Safety Control of Over 11,000 People on Canada Day

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