We like challenges. Solving them is what drives us. It’s what defines us. We listen to our customers. We learn from them. We collaborate with them.  We cultivate ideas, test them, and improve upon them. That’s how we innovate.

And that’s how we create live video solutions that help you reach your global multiscreen audiences instantly and cost-effectively.

We provide a complete solution, not just a piece of it

We help you capture, transmit, manage and distribute high-quality live video from virtually anywhere. Our LIVE+ platform of hardware, software, and cloud-based services simplifies your broadcast workflow.

The right tools for the job

Whether you deploy a mobile news crew, a newsgathering vehicle, or a solo videojournalist to the scene of breaking news, we help you get the live shot with our broad menu of capture and transmission options. And if you need to capture live video for online streaming, a live sporting event, or assess a first responder situation, we have the tools to help you.

Simple to integrate, manage, and use

We design our solutions to work with your workflow. Our transmitters are quick to set up and easy to operate by anyone. We eliminate the complexity of monitoring and managing devices in the field, and we simplify the routing of your video feeds on-air or online.

We want to make your life easier

That’s why we offer special event packages and an equipment rental program to make it easier to broadcast live events from challenging or overseas locations. Likewise, we offer Carrier Services packages to simplify the management of SIMs, data plans and payments.

An expanding ecosystem of partners

Our technology partners help complete the trusted and creative solutions we offer while our channel partners expand your access to our solutions around the globe.

If you're not happy, we're not happy

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. In fact, we are a little obsessed with it. That’s why we offer customer service and technical support that sets the standard for customer care—24 hours a day.

So why Dejero? Let our customers tell you why

Don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say