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Fast, reliable, and secure mobile Internet connectivity

The Dejero Gateway solution provides fast, reliable, and secure access to the public Internet and private networks while in the field.

Leveraging our patented network blending technologies, the Dejero Gateway solution includes an in-vehicle router, software, cellular connectivity services, and cloud-based management, backed by our renowned customer support.

This easy to deploy and manage solution gives field crews the ability to quickly transfer files back to the station, and enable them to edit in the field with remote access to newsroom systems—simplifying remote workflows and increasing productivity.

  • Built-in intelligence: Our patented technology dynamically and intelligently manages the cellular connections in a virtual network that delivers reliable Internet access.

  • Faster connections: Equip your crews with fast Internet and private network access while in the field to create a more connected organization with enhanced collaboration.

  • Easy install and setup: In-vehicle router is easy to install and connect to cellular and GPS antennas, while the intuitive interface simplifies setup.

  • Cloud management: Monitor performance and remotely configure Gateway routers with our cloud management system, giving you ultimate control from your web browser.

Network Blending

Dejero’s patented network blending technology creates a virtual network that dynamically and intelligently manages the routing of packets to minimize the effects of fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual IP connections. The blended network provides the necessary bandwidth to transfer real-time data with increased speed and reliability.


  • Blend cellular (3G/4G/LTE) connections from multiple carriers for diversity and resiliency

  • Ultra-high speed connectivity

  • Convenient 1U rack-mount router

  • Simple, intuitive user interface

  • Easy setup and remote configuration via web interface

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics

Introducing Dejero Gateway

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