The LivePlus family of applications enables mobile journalists and news presenters to go live with broadcast-quality video from virtually anywhere with minimal equipment using tablets, smartphones, or Windows laptops.

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for iOS or Android

Mobile application for iOS or Android devices to transmit high-quality live video, record video for later broadcast, or import and upload edited videos

Internal Camera
Blend up to 3 Connections: Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet
IFB Support
File Manager


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for Windows

Windows application for laptops and PCs to transmit high-quality live video and simultaneously receive ultra-low latency return video and/or teleprompter feeds

Internal or External Camera Options
Camera view + 2 return feeds from CuePoint
Blend up to 2 Connections: Ethernet and Wi-Fi
IFB Support

Customizable User Interface
Option to Add Second Monitor


Go Live with Less

LivePlus enables journalists and at-home presenters to go live with minimal equipment for high-quality and reliable broadcasts, when traditional broadcast equipment or mobile transmitters aren’t available.

Breaking News

Go live within seconds with a simple-to-use interface. Equip all your staff with smartphone apps to capture breaking news as it happens. 

Guest Interviews

Guests can contribute high-quality interviews from anywhere with their own device, directly into existing workflows, without the need for a camera crew or third party video service.

Working from Home

Presenters needing a studio-like set-up at home can broadcast live with an all-in-one Windows solution that’s easy to use and keeps teleprompter and return video at eye-level. 

Great Content from Anywhere

Get every story from all perspectives

Everyone in your organization with a smartphone can become a mobile journalist at a moment’s notice when a story is breaking. Or easily add multiple viewpoints to live events.

The right tool for the job

If your presenters or journalists are required to broadcast from a remote location, they can do so simply and professionally, with a cost-effective, all-in-one solution.

Smart Blending Technology

Reliable connectivity for low latency live video

Transmit high-quality live video with latency as low as 0.8 seconds by intelligently combining multiple connections.

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Boost Reliability

Blend multiple connections

LivePlus allows you to go live at a moment’s notice using a single connection. But with Smart Blending Technology there are options to blend additional connections for more reliable performance.

Cellular + Wi-Fi

Cellular + Mobile hotspot

Cellular + Ethernet

Ethernet + Mobile hotspot

The talent uses the Dejero LivePlus app downloaded to their smartphone or tablet for the creation and delivery of broadcast-quality video.

Ruben Rocha
Director of Operations at FOX Deportes

IFB Support

Real-time communications

IFB provides one-way voice communication from the studio to the field user. LivePlus apps support wired or Bluetooth earpieces to receive IFB audio.

LivePlus for Windows is the only all-in-one solution for broadcasting from home

Low latency Return Video or Teleprompting

Synchronized Production

A CuePoint Return Server at the broadcast facility provides return feeds to the field with latency as low as 250 milliseconds. This near real-time synchronization avoids pauses and delays of presenters during live broadcasts.

With a teleprompter feed, return program video, and a camera preview on a single screen, the presenter can more naturally look at the camera.


Flexible Camera Options

Use Your Best Available Camera Source to Capture Video

With the ability to use the laptop’s internal camera, an external USB webcam, or an SDI or HDMI camera, there is no need to sacrifice video quality for live broadcasts from outside of the studio.

Customizable User Interface

Drag and Drop Window Placement

Move or resize the camera preview and return video tiles on one screen or display a video tile on a second screen to build a customized layout that works best for the user.

Dejero Control

Manage anywhere from a web browser

Preview incoming feeds, route, and distribute content from your LivePlus apps on any device with a web browser.

Manage CuePoint return video and teleprompter feeds and assign to a LivePlus for Windows user in the field.

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